Our Mission

Enhance Educational Capacity of Youths and Reach-out to Women and Children in Need

Our Mission

Enhance Educational Capacity of Youths and Reach-out to Women and Children in Need

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A Paradise of Excellence and Equal Opportunities



HRH Igwe Alexander Ene Chioke was born on 22nd November 1922. He was the first son of Nze Eluwe Chioke Nwene and Nwaka Nwene, the second daughter of a very influential Ozo title holder, Ozo Ohagu, all in loving memories from Ameke village, Obioma. Igwe's father Nze Eluwe Chioke was a farmer and wine tapper. He also reared livestock and later became a successful trader.

Igwe Chioke, excited by his father enrolment into an English taught school, where he learned spoken English by echoing. He was however, withdrawn by his father due to some circumstances.

He was later admitted into Government school, Udi LGA of Enugu. Thereafter, following the take-over by the Catholic mission, the school was renamed to St. Thomas' School, Udi. At St. Thomas, Igwe learnt the tenets of Christianity, memorized both Igbo and English catechisms and got baptized. At baptism, he was named "Alexander" after Alexander the Great. Through diligence unconnected with initial English language proficiency, Igwe Chioke obtained his First School Leaving Certificate in high grades abd graduated as the only from his school who passed the entrance examination to Christ the King's College, Onitsha.Thereafter, he gained a post academic employment as a teacher with standard Six Certificate in St. Paul's Primary School, Eke in January 1942. At the time, newly recruited teachers with Standard Six Certificates were classified as CD teachers while those with a few years teaching experience were C teachers. Being a CD teacher didn't qualify him to sit for the exams but he was inadvertently permitted to take the examination in 1942 and passed which gained him admission into St. Charles Teachers Training College in 1943. He was very intelligent at school.

Igwe Chioke was one of the pioneers of St. Theresa's Teachers Training College, Nsukka, where he gained in-depth experience in teaching. He completed his Grade II teachers Examination Certificate in 1946, Teachers Grade I Certificate (1951) and General Certificate of Education (1954).

On 9th January, 1955, he got married to Nono Elizabeth Ukamaka Chioke at the Catholic Mission Church (now St. Theresa's) in Obioma. Their union was blessed with six children whom today are well accomplished in their different careers. At different times during their marriage, Papa had to travel out of the country to further his education. In September 1960, he proceeded for his first tertiary education at Fourah Bay College, Freetown, Sierra Leone, an affiliate to the University of Durham, England where he was the second Obioma citizen to obtain a University degree.

After his University education, Igwe Chioke worked with the Nigerian Government across different ministries. While at the Ministry of Finance and as the head of Enugu sub-treasury of the old East Central State, Papa was recommended for overseas training at the University of Strathclyde for a Postgraduate Certificate in Finance and Accounting (1977). He also obtained the Kano State Government and Strathclyde Business School Certificate in Management of Government Finances in 1983. He retired from active service in July 1984.

Post retirement, Igwe Chioke, found it extremely uncomfortable and unsatisfying to stay at home, so he explode other oppurtunities to get himself engaged. He worked briefly as an accountant at a private accounting firm before he was called to assist Rev. Professor Obiora Ike to set up the accounts department of the Catholic institute for Development, Justice and Peace. He later worked as an electoral officer in Abakaliki and subsequently at Oji River where he supervised the June 12, 1993 presidential election in which Chief M.K.O Abiola won by a landslide. He was also actively involve in community development projects for the growth of his town, Obioma. As a member of the order of the Knights of St. Mulumba, who rose to the rank of fourth degree in Knighthood, he contributed immensely to the growth of christianity.

As Ngwu II of Obioma, enthroned on 10th May, 1999 following his succession over late J.C Eneje, Ngwu I of Obioma (1977 - 1996). He esteemed a life of humility, dignity, generosity, courage and faith in Almighty God. He was indeed a pillar to the family many friends and associates and Obioma community. May his gentle soul rest in peace

The story of Papa cannot be complete without mentioning the "woman behind the scene - Nono Elizabeth Ukamaka Chioke popularly known as Omenwa".



Nono Elizabeth Ukamaka Chioke was born of Wilfred Ude Eneh Margaret Nnokwo Eneh, all of blessed memory from Umuoka kindred Amachala village, Obioma.

She attended Holy Rosary Primary School, Enugu where she obtained because of her first school leaving certificate. In those days there were very few girls in Obioma who were attending school, not to speak of reaching the leve of standard six.

After primary school, she opted to undertake domestic training because of her early engagement to marry. During 1954, she trained in Onitsha under the tutelage of Mrs. Annah Eneh Nwautazi, a famous seamstress from Obinagu who had an established sewing and domestic training business. She trained there for one year and became proficient not only in sewing but also in other domestic services especially the preparation of appetizing meals.

Ont he 9th Janury, 1955, she got married to His Royal Highness, Igwe (then Mr.) Alexander Ene Chioke at St. Theresa Catholic Church, Obioma when it was a station under Udi parish. Their union was blessed with six children who have distinguished themselves in their careers.

Nono Chioke lived a life of love for Christianity in true demonstration of the meaning of her second name, Ukamaka ("Church is Good"). Nono Chioke inherited leadership qualities from her father. In 1975, she took over the leadership of Catholic Women Organization, Obioma and led it for several years.

In 1984, she was elected as president of Catholic Women Organization, Holy Ghost parish, Enugu during the Bishopric of late Right Revered Michael Eneje and led the Holy Ghost parish CWO for six years. Her courage as leader was exemplary. Subsequently, in 1990, she rose to become president of Catholic Women Organization for Enigu Diocese. As head of the Diocesan CWO, she made numerous friends among the clergy, the religious and the lay people. It was while she was president of CWO Enugu diocese, that she was selected to join a team of Nigerian Catholic led by Right Bishop Kukah (then a Rev. Fr) and now the Bishop of Sokoto Diocese who toured Mexico and Brazil and some parts of the United States of America. In the early 90s, she founded an organization of Obioma women resident in Enugu known as Oso Di Eli Aku and headed it as chair person until 2003.

As serving president of CWO Enugu Diocese, she introduced the annual contribution of food items from all parishes under the diocese to distribute to seminaries, old people's homes and orphanages. She served three terms of three years in this post until she return in 1999.

No Chioke has received numerous awards and certificates for her works in the church and supporting indegent people. In 2007, she was conferred with the title of Ada Zion by His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Bishop Gbuji through the instrumentality of the Enugu Diocesan Catholic Men's Organization (CMO). To crown it all, the National COuncil of Catholic Women Organization Nigeria, conferred on her, a National Merit Award; Ambassador of Mary.

May her gentle soul rest in peace.


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